Door repair

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Repairing faulty doors is a responsible task. This requires not only special tools and equipment, but also professional knowledge, skills, and experience in such work. All these components are available to the masters of our service, who have been repairing doors for many years and offer their services to all residents of Massachusetts. Our service will help to repair the door of any type - entrance, interior. We work with metal, wood, plastic, glass canvases. Masters work around the clock, without days off and holidays. Door repair can be performed both at any time agreed in advance by the client, and urgently - within 20 minutes from the moment the call is received.

When might the door need to be repaired?

Door repair is needed in case of problems with opening/closing the locking system.

If the doors began to let extraneous sounds and noises into the room, a draft appeared.

After an attempt by intruders to break into the doors, which led to serious damage and the need for restoration work.

Repair is necessary if the frame is warped or the door leaf is sagging.

Preventive door repair is also a necessity, including cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of fittings and various door elements.

Door repair prices

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Refining the front end


Restoration work

Flat sheathing


What kind of door repairs does our service do?


Repair, replacement, installation of lock systems of any complexity, replacement of door protection elements against various breaking methods.

Adjustment of door fittings - hinges, handles, closers.

Fixing the position of the door frame and leaf with special tools.

Restoration repair of any doors, restoration and renewal of appearance, replacement of broken glazing elements.

Insulation, repair, noise insulation of the door.

Why is it convenient to repair the front or interior door with us?

Each craftsman has a complete set of modern professional-level tools and equipment. All work with doors is carried out carefully and without damage.

The master from our service brings everything necessary for repair work with him - repair kits, various parts, new locks and fittings, a large selection of various finishing materials (leatherette, MDF- panels, etc.)

No matter how complex the repair needs to be done, the whole range of work is done in one visit. The master leaves the place of the call only after the functionality, security properties and appearance of the door group are fully restored.

For what reasons is it not recommended to repair yourself?

Many, if they need to repair a faulty door, ask themselves: is it possible to save money on calling a master and do the repair yourself? Modern doors, their locking system and fittings have a complex structure. Without professional knowledge, it is almost impossible to correctly diagnose a breakdown, disassemble the structure before repair work and assemble it after without errors. Any inaccuracy made, for example, when working with door locks, will lead to problems with opening / closing the web, to a decrease in its security properties. In addition, an improperly mounted locking system will soon break. As a result, you will have to spend money on re-restoring the door.


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door repair, including metal, construction, Chinese, etc.

If you contact us, you can not worry, we will take care of all the problems with door repair, we love our work, and you can be sure of this by using our services . is best prepared for home repairs - we have the necessary knowledge, experience, availability of components, as well as the required tools and equipment.

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Sliding door repair

Breakage of a door leaf with a roller mechanism is not a pleasant situation. Having discovered a problem, the landlord immediately intends to turn to specialists. No need to rush - sliding door repairs can be done without the help of a master.



  • 1 When should a sliding door be repaired?
  • 1.1 Common problems
  • 2 Features of repair depending on the design
  • 2.1 Door with pencil case
  • 2.2 Sliding outside door
  • 3 What to look for when renovating
  • 3.1 Replacing the roller mechanism
  • 3.2 Replacing guide rails


When should a sliding door be repaired?

Sliding doors are doors with rollers that slide between two horizontal rails. The lower rails guide the movement of the curtains, while the upper rails hold the sashes and prevent them from falling out. Roller door structures operate silently, save space and decorate the interior.

Repair of sliding interior doors is inevitable if the device is not prevented in a timely manner. Cleaning the guides, lubricating the rails and adjusting the movement of the leaves prolong the life of the structure. Signs of malfunction of roller doors :


  • sagging of the canvas with subsequent damage to the flooring;
  • extraneous noises, squeaks and knocks during operation;
  • loose fasteners;
  • sash deformation;
  • tight entry into the door frame.


Common problems

Operation of a sliding system without regular maintenance leads to wear of parts. There are such problems:


  • The movement of the doors is accompanied by clicking, knocking or creaking. The reason is worn rollers or a curved rail. To eliminate noise, you need to remove the canvas and inspect the structure. The guide is bent so that the space for the door expands. If the matter is in the wheels, they are changed.
  • Doors warped. When the structure warps immediately after installation, it must be replaced. This is a factory marriage. After a long time of use, the sash sags due to the discrepancy between the retaining screws. They are twisted, and the canvases are placed in a horizontal position.
  • The door opens on its own. The reason may be in untwisted fasteners or a curved floor surface.
  • Prevention of contamination of the device (dust, hair, small objects) will extend the life of the sliding system.


The door doesn't close properly

Due to uneven floors, the door structure may be skewed. When closed, the doors do not fit snugly against each other. Near the vertical racks, gaps are formed through which extraneous smells and sounds pass. Using the level, adjust the latch, fixing the canvases in the desired position.

If the door does not close due to one-sided sagging of the leaf, the rollers are adjusted. There are 2 holes at the bottom of the canvas. Through the upper hole, access to the fixing screw is provided, through the lower one - to the adjusting screw. Use the hex wrench to turn the screws by raising or lowering the wheel.

The design may not close completely due to a broken stopper. A dropped or shifted latch is returned to its place. For reliability, fix it with resistant glue.

The door does not slide along the rail

In order for the sliding door to begin to open easily and stop sticking, you need to adjust the operation of the rollers and grooves. Dust, hair and other debris prevent normal sliding. The doors are removed, all parts are cleaned with an alcohol wipe and reinstalled. If the situation has not changed, the reason is the worn wheels. They should be removed with a hexagon and replaced with new ones.

To improve sliding, do not lubricate the mechanism with oil. Engine oil contributes to the accumulation of debris and dust. Sunflower - gradually thickens and makes it difficult to move the canvases. Rollers and rails will have to be changed.

Features of repair depending on the design

In accordance with the requirements of the customer, 2 types of structures are installed: with and without a pencil case. Each type of repair has its own characteristics.

Door with pencil case

The design with a pencil case resembles a video cassette. During installation, remove the inner part of the wall and frame her in a hard box. A sliding system is installed inside. The canvas drives into the vacated space like a cassette that is hidden in a box. The resulting recesses are covered with sheets of drywall, and then with finishing building materials - plaster, paint or wallpaper.

During the repair of a sliding automatic door, the owner can remove the door leaf. This advantage avoids damage to parts. The rails are adjusted using a level. The guides are placed strictly in a horizontal position, otherwise the structure will warp and stop closing.

When replacing parts, you need to take into account the dimensions of the canister. The block must exceed the size of the sash if it goes completely into the box. The door is mounted at a height of 5-6 mm from the floor - this will provide maximum sound insulation.

External sliding door

External type of sliding includes systems in shower cabins. The natural wear of the elements is accelerated by aggressive detergents and hard water. Under their action, grease is washed out, small holes are clogged, plastic is cracked, and corrosion appears on metal parts. When replacing rollers, in the cab pay attention to their type. Fixed mechanisms are used in square and rectangular booths, swivel mechanisms are used in round ones.

Sliding opening systems are also installed in wardrobes. Repair is carried out with the help of adjusting legs under the bottom bar of the case.

If there is a problem with the movement of the doors, you need to review the contents of the closet. Perhaps the structure is not closed due to an excess of things, and repairs will not be needed.

What to look for when renovating

Incorrect installation of the guides hinders the operation of the sliding system mechanism . Doors do not open so quickly, periodically falling out of the grooves. When installing the guides, you need to remember that the lower part will accumulate debris. There are retractable structures without lower rails - they last longer, since the likelihood of clogging of the mechanism is minimized.

Two guides are important when reliable sound and heat insulation is required between rooms. When replacing handles, their shape is taken into account: the protrusion of fittings over the surface of the door should be minimal.

Replacing the roller mechanism

The number of rollers may vary depending on the weight of the leaves. Various models have different load capacities. They are made from metal or plastic. Under the constant force of friction, the plastic rollers wear out or crack. At the same time, the axle on which the wheel is fixed can become thinner. Any repair methods do not work (for example, gluing, fixing with adhesive tape), so the roller mechanism needs to be replaced.

There are types of hard-mounted wheels that cannot be repaired. After some time, such a node fully develops the intended resource. The moment of the necessary replacement of the mechanism is determined by the degree of subsidence of the sash.

A large assortment of commercials creates difficulties in their selection. In order not to make a mistake when buying, it is recommended to take one wheel to the store for comparison. In showers, the upper and lower wheels often differ in size, so they take both mechanisms with them.

Replacing guide rails

The rail mechanism includes upper and lower guides - these are panels along which the sashes move. For light structures, one rail is enough; heavy doors are fixed with two guides. This prevents the web from moving to the side.

Do not resort to replacing the rail mechanism in case of contamination of the grooves. To clean them, remove the doors and remove all the debris from the grooves. The work is performed with a sharp thin tool ( screwdriver, knife). The cleaned guides are degreased, the sashes are put in place.

Stops on the rails prevent the doors from going beyond the structure. If they break, the door does not fit snugly against the box or opens spontaneously. The malfunction is eliminated by adjusting the latch.

Most often, the replacement of rails is necessary for retractable automated systems. Such structures are installed in technical rooms and shops, so the grooves quickly become clogged with dirt and debris.

For the repair of sliding doors does not require special skills. Accuracy and the availability of the necessary tools are important.